I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for big things. My salvation. The fact that 2,000 years ago my Savior chose to die on a cross because He knew I needed Him. That He loves me at my worst, and forgives me at my darkest. That He has a purpose for such a broken vessel. That He can turn my uselessness into usefulness. The Bible— God’s real actual words!— that I hold in my hands on a daily basis. The miraculous fact that my eternal life has begun already! Victory over sin. Training for the ministry at a wonderful institution. Oh! I am truly thankful for big things! 

I am thankful for little things. The sound of a downpour outside my window. A sweet, creamy cup of coffee that really must be a hug for my insides! The smell of lavender oil on my pillow case. Beautiful words that swirl into dreamy pictures in my mind. Fresh-picked flowers from my darling. The way my sweetheart’s eyes crinkle around the corners when he laughs at something silly I did or said. Goodnight texts from my sweetie and best friend. Wearing sweatpants in the afternoon. Fuzzy blankets. The way music speaks to the soul. Hugs from people who love me. The sound of children laughing so hard you know their sides must be aching. Grace to get through hard days. The way it feels to open up and let the song in my heart come out into the open air. Yes, I am grateful for little things such as these. 

I’m grateful for hard things. Bad days. Bad grades. Sleeplessness. I’m thankful that they push me towards the only One who can help me through it all. 

I’m grateful for family. The love that never seems to have a boundary. Parents that have always wanted to give me everything, and will do everything they can to help me, even when I’m too stubborn to realize I need it. Siblings that miss me when I’m gone. Hugs from the kiddos. A beautiful little sister who has been my lifelong friend.

I’m thankful for my beloved. His wisdom. His patience. The way he lifts me up to the Lord when I feel down. The way he goes above and beyond the norm to show that he adores me. Listening to him speak French. Listening to him preach God’s word. Staring into his eyes and knowing that my affection is mutual. 

I am so thankful. 

What about you? 


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