Worth the Effort

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:
for thou hast created all things,
and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Revelation 4:11


Last night I worked in the library at my college. It’s a small library, but it was occupied by several students who were busy writing papers and studying for tests. As I sat at the front desk, I too was poring over notes and verses for tests. The door opened– and in walked my handsome sweetheart, with a small bouquet of flowers he had picked just for me. Despite his busy day, the very cold temperatures outside, and a bout of Malaria that he’d struggled with earlier that morning (he is a missionary kid from Africa, in case you were wondering about the Malaria bit), he still took the time to go and personally pick me flowers. All to show that he was thinking about me, and that he cared about me!

All of that effort just because he cares– and I really did NOT do anything to deserve that! But God does deserve that sort of adoration; He has done everything for us! He has sacrificed for us, loved us unconditionally, shown us mercy, given us grace, granted us forgiveness– even past our millionth failure. Do we make time to show God that we care about Him? If our lives are too busy for God, our lives are too busy. If He is worthy of the adoration of thousands of angels, is He not worthy of just a little bit of “extra” effort on our parts?

Father, thank you for loving me despite my failures, and for your grace to do the things I cannot do alone. Thank you for sending your precious only Son to die and atone for my sin! I do love you, Lord. Help me to remember that you deserve my all. Help me to remember to make more of an effort to spend time showing you that I love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 


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