Current Issues

What’s Stopping Us?

Today, rainbows make me grieve.

Today, the liberals and promoters of the gay agenda cheer and wave their multi-colored banners and hold their heads high, basking in the pride of their newfound “equality.” Reveling in the acceptance of their sin.

I’m not here today to hate on gays. I’m not here to tell you that you make me sick, or that God hates homosexuals, or that I think you’re the scum of the earth. Because none of that is true. God loves everybody- but there is not a single sin that He permits or accepts. Yes, homosexuality is an abomination— but but God hates every other sin as well! That’s why Jesus, our great Creator (Who made male and female for a reason) came to earth. So that all might believe, and so that all might be saved. If you have never done so, I implore you right now to confess your sins to the God who loves you (1 John 1:9), and to acknowledge that Jesus is God (John 8:24) and that He died for you and rose again for you (Romans 10:9), and to cry out to Him to save you from sin and Hell and to be Lord and Savior of your life (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10; Acts 16:30-31; Romans 10:13). That’s all that needs to be done!

But my main purpose here is to talk to Christians. This Supreme Court Ruling is our fault. The blame lies at our own doorstep. Our complacency has paid off; our apathy has born fruit; our callousness has been rewarded. We are losing our country. Oh, we can complain and protest alright. But why should we share the Gospel? Why should we dare hand out tracts? How could we dare to pray in Jesus’ name when we’re in public? Why should we talk to others about our great salvation? I speak to myself as much as any others. America doesn’t need revival. Churches don’t need revival. Individuals need revival! Perhaps now we’ll see it! Persecution is coming, and our faith will finally be put to the test. We need to put on the boldness that Paul had and face the oncoming storm head-on. We need to get out of our easy-chairs and stop being satisfied with our own spirituality. A Christian is never done growing! Hunger and thirst after righteousness, seek His face, pant after Him as a deer for streams of water. We have the cure for the cancerous sin that is devouring our nation- and its high time we spread the Word about it!

Pray- for forgiveness; for personal revival; for mercy on our country; for boldness to share the Gospel.

Seek- His face; to grow in grace; and opportunities to live out your faith and to share it.

Speak- we know the words. We know the message. We know who needs to hear it. And we have the Holy Spirit’s power to guide us and protect us.

What’s stopping us?


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