At All Times. Period. 


The other day I received some disappointing news. No, it wasn’t tragic, or life-altering, or even serious; but it was disappointing to me. It looked like I wasn’t going to get my way. My mood quickly became downcast. Poor me. I went to the Word of God looking for comfort. I went as a whining child, full of self-pity, looking for a spiritual pat on the back. Instead, I got spiritually slapped upside the head! And it was exactly what I needed. 

The word “bless” is translated from the Hebrew word barak, which means “to kneel” and “adore.” And the word “continually” is the Hebrew word tamiyd, which is also translated “to stretch,” “daily,” “always.” David said “I will kneel before you, Lord, and adore you with praise. Every day. At all times. Without exceptions. No matter what.” Think about David’s life for a moment- hunted down to be killed by his father-in-law, living life on the run for so long, losing his children to wickedness and the fruits of sin… yet he vowed to bless and praise God at all times. Who am I to cease my praise simply because something isn’t working out as I wished? 

Dear Lord, forgive me for turning from a spirit of praise to a spirit of complaining. Thank you for your Word that convicts and teaches me! Help me to praise you at all times- good or bad, easy or difficult. I love you, Lord. In Jesus’ name- Amen. 

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