Whose Hair This Is I Think I Know…


Psalm 24:1~ The earth is the Lord’s , and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

My three-year-old sister climbed up behind me on the sofa, hairbrush in hand. She pulled my hair out of its ponytail holder and started brushing– slowly. Meticulously. After a moment, she gathered a lock of it in her hands and said to me, “I love my dark hair.” I laughed and corrected her, telling her it was my hair; she shook her head, pulling the ends of my hair closer to her and said, very adamantly, “No, it’s MY HAIR.” I shook my head and laughed as she continued brushing.
What I didn’t think of then was that my little sister was almost right. That it certainly is not my hair. Just like neither the eyes I see with, nor the mouth I speak with, nor any other part of me is actually mine! I am God’s, and I have taken every bit of my being and my life for granted. It’s all “mine.” “My” house, “my” bookshelves, “my” family, “my” everything— except it isn’t. It’s God’s, and He’s loaned it to me during my stay at this lovely, spherical inn He’s made. “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills!” We would do well to remember that God loans us everything, down to the very air we breathe, for a specific purpose– His glory. And in so remembering, we will live more fully, more blessedly, than we had ever dared to dream.

Dearest Lord, thank You for blessing me with more than I could ever think to ask. Please help me to remember that nothing is mine except You, and that all my possessions, all of myself, is for the purpose of Your glory and Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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