She’s Chasing Butterflies


Psalm 63:8a~ “My soul followeth hard after thee.”

I have so much fun watching my “baby” sister play outside in my backyard. She’s so small and full of energy. Fearless. Joyful. She spins in dizzying circles, her giggles floating on the breeze into my open windows. Then she sees it: a butterfly. She grows still, eyes locked on her new target. At first she creeps toward it, trying to get as close as possible before she pounces; but when the butterfly inevitably senses her presence and flutters off, the little girl is not far behind. She chases her butterfly back and forth across the backyard! She notices nothing else– her eyes, her mind, her very heart, is trained on this beautiful creature alone. She follows it hard, chasing with wild abandon.

Isn’t this how we’re supposed to be following God? Not walking leisurely and carelessly behind as He leads; not passively obeying His commands; but chasing Him!!! We are but children at heart– no wisdom of our own, no discernment apart from Him, no life except according to His purpose, fully dependent on our Father whether we realize it or not… so where is that child-like faith? Where is the faith that throws down our “toys” and preoccupations and bids us to follow– chase, run– after the beautiful wings of His grace that fly before us? Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn from a child!

Prayer: My Father, You are beautiful! Your grace, mercy, love, purity, forgiveness, long-suffering– it is all radiant! I seek after it. Help me to run after You, to follow hard after You, with the faith of a little child. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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