{What I Read}

A Woman After God’s Own Heart- by Elizabeth George


Currently, I am reading Elizabeth George’s book, A Woman After God’s Own Heart. Personally, Biblical womanhood is something with which I have always struggled. It didn’t match with my view of myself– a view that was most certainly skewed by the world. But as God began to reshape my views to match His own, I picked up this book for a little extra help. It is wonderful! Elizabeth George has a kind and tender writer’s voice that draws me in and makes me feel relaxed. She shares her own personal testimony throughout the book– she isn’t preaching a lifestyle with which she isn’t familiar. The subjects she touches on are Bible based; each one is followed up by a Bible verse so that I  can see for myself what my Heavenly Father has to say about these ideas. And the helpful hints she offers to aid in putting these changes into practice can be helpful as well. My only issue with it: she doesn’t stick to the King James Version, which I prefer by conviction. Regardless, I highly recommend this book, and encourage you ladies to give it a try!

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