Never Alone

A blanket of straw-
A pillow of stone-
Cold is the night-
And He’s born alone.

No cheering of crowds-
No place on a throne-
Cold is the night-
My Lord is alone.

In favor- in stature-
Lord Jesus has grown-
But nobody knows-
And He’s still alone.

Nailed to a cross-
Apostles have flown-
He’s forgiven them all-
But my King’s still alone.

Once more He lives-
Hands and side He has shown-
Ascended to Heaven-
Now with God in His throne!

He cries to each heart-
The gospel has sown-
“Call upon me-
“And you’re never alone!”

2 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. Always a comfort; that reminder that my Lord chose to suffer abandonment for me…to be alone as no one has ever been, so that … I’m never alone. Beautifully said, my dear.

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